Zerosquared Inc.

5050 76 Ave. South East

Calgary, Alberta


+1 (403) 560-8258

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Let's Build a Village

The Zerosquared Resort

Whether you want to offer the ultimate glamping experience in your RV park, build an eco-resort, offer premier festival lodgings, or create a luxury vacation resort; Zerosquared Tiny Homes can help you build a resort that will keep you booked solid all year round!

Email to begin the conversation.

Your Resort:


Purchase our tiny homes with bulk discounts and have your resort ready to make revenue the day they are delivered.

2 Homes: 3%

3-4 Homes: 5%

5-9 Homes: 8%

10-14 Homes: 10%

15-19 Homes: 12%

20+ Homes: 14%

Let Us Develop the land

If you are developing empty land, or looking to completely redevelop your property, we can help! With the purchase of our homes for your development, we also offer to help design the community itself! Partner with us to develop a truly unique Zerosquared Community.

  • Recognition as a Zerosquared Tiny Home Community or Resort.

  • Advertising, booking, and promotion through our website and social media.

  • Subsidize the cost of development by sharing the revenue with us, or purchase our services to reap the rewards for yourself!

Become a Seller

  • Buy at least one home.

  • We will advertise your sales on our website and social media.

  • Buy homes in bulk, get a sales commission plus profit from the discounted savings.